Encryption intro
 AES/block ciphers
 Block modes (ECB, CTR, OFB)
 Key sizes
 RSA in Java
 Secure hash functions
 Reading encrypted ZIP files in Java
 Password recovery

Java Cryptography

Cryptography is a field looking at techniques for "encoding and verifying things securely". It tends to focus on the following issues:

Indirectly at least, it is also concerned with human protocols for using these techniques (e.g. "don't make your password less than X characters", "don't just use letters in your password" etc).

When used appropriately, cryptography brings developers some very powerful tools, allowing us to do things like transmit login information securely across an untrusted network. Java is an excellent choice for building secure applications from the point of view that it has various standard cryptographical functions built in to the standard runtime libraries. But just as the existence of the Swing library doesn't automatically give your application a fantastic user interface, a cryptography library does not bring automatic security. There are still various challenges that we need to address beyond the simple "how do I perform such-and-such a function", for example:

On the following pages, we therefore discuss various topics: